Wood Wall Paneling


Datcha – White


Do you like the warm authenticity of wood walls, like those in a chalet or by the sea? Do you want to renovate your walls in a blink of an eye? Element Wood brings you a quick and easy solution that can be used for a beautiful result. This compact and lightweight decorative vinyl paneling can be applied directly to your wall and offers a spectacular result, with an ultra-realistic wood decor that’s nuanced and textured.

Megeve – Gris

Megeve – Brown

  • High quality artwork creates true-to-life decoration
  • Clean and easy to install: a cutter, a meter rule, and a level is all you need
  • Quick to install
  • Interlocking lightweight chamfer
  • Clip-end finishing sections
  • Attach with glue or adhesive


Element Wood Shiplap introduces wood-like décor thanks to its very realistic embossed patterns! Clean and easy to install, these panels also offer high resistance for your walls. Enjoy the charm of reclaimed wood without any of the disadvantages. Available in four different patterns that can be used separately or combined for stylish effects.

Shiplap – Natural

Shiplap – Yellow

Shiplap – Red

Shiplap – Blue

  • Qualitative rendering via true-to-life decoration
  • High resistance (Power quality)
  • Surface relief (Touch quality)
  • Clean and easy to install: a utility knife, a yardstick, and a level is all you need
  • Quick to install
  • Clip-end finishing sections
  • Attach to wall with glue or adhesive

Wood Paneling Dimensions