PVC Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels Warranty

Grossfillex Decorative Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

For any complaint please contact the store where the products were purchased providing a receipt as proof of purchase.

Our warranty entitles replacement PVC Wall and Ceiling panels recognized to be defective purchased within 5 years of the date of purchase if deemed to be defective. The panels will be replaced with the same or of equivalent quality. The costs incurred in the removal and reinstallation of the panels is excluded from our guarantee.

Exclusions also concern:

  • Any alteration or degradation due to outdoor use and exposure to the elements, use for which our products are not suitable.
  • Any alteration or degradation due to an installation close to a heat source (stove, fireplace…)
  • The costs incurred by the removal of defective components and reinstallation of replacement components.
  • Damage due to installation, use or maintenance of the product contrary to our recommendations.
  • The changes in appearance color due to normal aging of the product.
  • Damage resulting from direct action or negligence of the user, such as impact shocks, burns, scratches, and fire or water damage.

Grosfillex warranty applies without prejudice to the legal guarantees of public order granted to the purchaser of the product by different laws.