Planter Tips

  1. For outside use, drill 3 – ¼” holes in the bottom of the container to allow for drainage.
  2. For indoor use, line bottom of planter with pea size gravel. Do not drill holes for drainage unless you have a saucer for water collection.
  3. Fill container with potting soil, not garden soil. Most mixes contain vermiculite, perlite or peat to hold water and provide adequate drainage.
  4. Choose plants with similar light and water requirements. See our Container Garden Recipes for ideas.
  5. Container gardens should be fertilized weekly during the growing season. Choose a fertilizer suited to your plant choices.
  6. Keep in mind the growth habits of your chosen plants and be sure they will fit the container. The tallest plant should not be more than twice the height of the planter.
  7. Trim dead flowers and leaves regularly to allow for fresh growth.
  8. Water daily as container gardens tend to dry out very quickly in hot summer weather.