Grosfillex, a family owned company with an international reach.

Grosfillex’s story began in 1927, when Auguste, François and Jean Grosfillex decided to start their company in Arbent, a small village in the Jura foothills of France. At the time, wood was the principle material for their products – egg cups, napkin rings, tool handles, mallets, etc. In 1954, Raymond Grosfillex started to give the company its industrial and commercial dimensions. The company moved away from standard utility products to launch the production of more sophisticated lifestyle-oriented products: patio furniture, garden planters, folding doors, joinery, etc. Wood products made way for the first plastic products. These new materials had great potential for improving the home environment with practical, comfortable, long-lasting and extremely robust products.

In 1969 Grosfillex built its first warehouse location in the United States and began selling products to the North American markets. In 1983, Grosfillex built its Robesonia PA manufacturing facility focusing on resin patio furniture products. In 1990, Grosfillex opened its distribution center in Lebanon PA in order to accommodate its growth in the patio furniture product line. From 2000-2007 Grosfillex built additional production facilities in Lebanon PA for the garden planters product line.

Grosfillex now has 4 production sites located in France, United States, Russia and Brazil. Grosfillex exports to all continents providing solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of local markets.

Grosfillex has always stayed loyal to the values and traditions of the handcrafted industry, with a focus on innovation and consumer satisfaction. Grosfillex maintains a corporate culture that is dedicated to environmental sustainability and continually strives to implement practices and policies aimed at reducing the company’s overall impact. Our commitment to sustainability and respect for tradition, which have been upheld and nurtured for half a century, have contributed to Grosfillex’s international presence and our outstanding reputation.

Grosfillex also participates in committees developing national and international standards with an aim to improve the quality of its products and identify new solutions for greater environmental respect.

Grosfillex Consumer Products Division USA manufactures and sells products for residential use including garden planters, utility shelving, decorative shelving and patio furniture. If you are interested in purchasing Grosfillex residential products, please see our where to buy page. If you are a retailer that is interested in carrying Grosfillex products, please contact our sales department today.